Two Rivers Coffee roasts, grinds, flavors, quality checks, and packs all coffee products internally. There is a level of attention that Two Rivers Coffee devotes to our coffee products that most others don’t, such as visiting the coffee farms we work with to meet the farmers and their families. This important aspect of our process provides insight into each type of bean that we roast and we get to experience first-hand the love & passion that each of the farmers put into their trade.

Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa was originally conceived in Holland in the 1820’s. Chemist and master chocolatier Coenraad Johannes Van Houten developed a process for the removal of the cocoa butter from ground cacao beans then treating the resulting powder with baking soda. This process came to be known as “Dutching” chocolate in recognition of its Dutch origins. The delicious dark colored, chocolate powder that results from this process is called Dutch cocoa. Two Rivers utilizes 100% premium dutch cocoa for increased solubility and a balanced, even flavor of the final cocoa powder for a perfectly creamy drinking experience.


Since 2013, Two Rivers has been specializing in the production of single-serve tea pods, honing their expertise and refining their processes over the years. Through this extensive experience, they have developed meticulous production best practices that ensure the highest quality in their tea selection and manufacturing. These practices encompass every step of the process, from choosing the finest tea leaves to the precise methods of blending and packaging. By focusing on these detailed protocols, Two Rivers guarantees that each tea pod delivers a consistently exceptional taste and aroma. Their commitment to excellence in single-serve tea production reflects their dedication to providing a superior tea-drinking experience for their customers.