Our Focus

Back when the company first started, we quickly realized that quality & flavor innovation were the ways that Two Rivers could stand out from the pack and both have been part of our core focus ever since. There is a level of attention that Two Rivers Coffee devotes to our products that many other beverages manufacturers don’t, such as visiting the coffee farms we work with to meet the farmers and their families, to training an in-house team in sensory taste testing so we could clearly identify flavor nuances in our coffee roasts, tea blends and cocoa formulations. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to bring new coffee, tea & hot chocolate experiences to our customers.


Our experts analyze beverage market trends to seek out new opportunities and create innovative products to enhance our customers’ beverage experiences. By being abundantly experimental in our product development processes, we have achieved a level of expertise few beverage manufacturers have. From single origin coffees, to innovative cocoa formulations, to artisanal tea blends, all Two Rivers products are formulated by our skilled research, development, and quality assurance teams to create remarkable and innovative products.

Beyond Sustainability

Most roasters wouldn’t look to spend extra for their coffee beans but we pay premium prices for our’s so that we can adhere to our personal commitment in making sure the coffee in your cup comes from fair and renewable sources. Going above the fair trade certification, we’ve implemented a direct trade model through transparent relationships directly with coffee farmers based on sustainable practices beginning on the farm level all the way through shipping. This helps with ensuring financial, ecological, and agricultural stability for all of our partners along the way.

Vertical Integration

Unlike many other companies specializing in single serve pods who often co-pack some of their production or have components produced by other manufacturers, Two Rivers Coffee is one of the very select few companies that truly produces everything “in-house”. All coffee roasting, grinding, packaging, powder formulation, tea blending, and even package design is all done at our 150,000 sf facility headquarters.

Complete Solutions

Through working with our many private label customers, Two Rivers has gained extensive experience in targeting specific consumer taste palates as well as replicating leading brand equivalents. By utilizing our experience and infrastructure, we help other coffee roasters, retailers, and brands develop, design, produce, and launch products designed to compete and succeed in a crowded market. Two Rivers Coffee can produce premium customized beverage profiles to satisfy all consumer needs.