Two Rivers Coffee has a robust logistics and distribution infrastructure designed to ensure efficient delivery of its products. The company operates through a direct-to-consumer model, primarily shipping orders directly from its online store. They offer free shipping on orders over $50, which is a significant advantage for bulk buyers and frequent customers

Supply Chain and Logistics Process

Two Rivers Coffee’s logistics system spans the entire coffee supply chain, from sourcing raw coffee beans to delivering the final product to consumers. This process involves multiple stages including:

Distribution Center

Two Rivers Coffee operates several distribution centers across the United States. These centers are strategically located to optimize delivery times and manage inventory efficiently. For example, a new distribution center in Indianapolis has been established to support the growing demand and expansion of their franchise network. This facility enhances their ability to provide timely deliveries to a wide range of locations, ensuring that customers receive fresh products without delays

Shipping and Delivery Methods

Two Rivers Coffee uses a combination of shipping methods to ensure efficient delivery:

Inventory Management and Forecasting

Two Rivers Coffee places a strong emphasis on inventory management and forecasting to handle fluctuations in demand and ensure continuous supply. This involves: