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TRC Family of Brands

The Two Rivers Coffee company has created an array of brands that cater to many different tastes. Each one of the TRC brands has its own unique identity. Each has its own story of how, why, and for whom, it was created and because of that, each resonate with different people for different reasons.

Private Label

Roasters and Retailers across the U.S. are looking to tap into an extremely lucrative single serve market as more and more of their loyal customers discover the convenience of single serve brewing systems. As the co-packing partner for several different companies with many divergent needs, Two Rivers Coffee offers a complete single serve solution. We have perfected our turnkey system and have established a track record of proven success by putting optimal processes in place.

Better Cups

We scrutinize each of our single serve cups for absolute perfection, making sure every cup is filled precisely with the specified amount of coffee, tea or cocoa. Finally, we hand check every completed cup. If it’s not perfect, it’s not going anywhere. But the real secret is in the cup itself: Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of our patented unique tension-based caged filter system. Our single serve cups have been tested and proven to be better. In fact, an independent test found that our advanced filter system helps the grounds diffuse better throughout, and enhancing the flavor by 15%.