Roasters and Retailers across the U.S. are looking to tap into an extremely lucrative single serve market as more and more of their loyal customers discover the convenience of single serve brewing systems. As the co-packing partner for several different companies with many divergent needs, Two Rivers Coffee offers a complete single serve solution. We have perfected our turnkey system and have established a track record of proven success by putting optimal processes in place.

Two Rivers Coffee has a vetted single serve cup system. The cup itself has the look and feel of the standard single serve cups and is market proven as well. It does not have the exposed filter style pod offered by other manufacturers that can lead to stale tasting coffee. Through testing we have also perfected the grinding specifically for single serve cup best performance. Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of our unique tension-based filtered technology, ensuring that every cup of coffee tastes as good and as fresh as the next and since we are one of the original Keurig compatible single serve coffee manufacturers, Two Rivers brings a level of experience and competency that guarantees quality merchandise in every order.

In March of 2014, TRC moved into a state of the art manufacturing facility. This facility has the capacity to manufacture 600 million K-Cups annually, which will allow TRC to take on increasingly demanding accounts across all sales channels while significantly improving profitability for our customers. The new facility has a fully equipped tasting and testing room, providing customers with both confidence and the ability to participate in developing specific formulation and taste goals. In addition to that, the facility also boasts a nitrogen flushing system which results in a fresher and more shelf stable product. TRC has quickly established itself as one of few fully integrated players in a large and growing market.

3 Key Reasons To Partner With Two Rivers Coffee:


Two Rivers Coffee Company offers an array of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, and cappuccino products in single serve cups that caters to every taste:

Coffee: Light roast, medium roast, dark roast, extra bold, decaf, seasonal and a variety of flavored coffee.

Tea: Black, green, white, blended, roobios, wuyi gold, darjeeling, herbal and flavored varieties.

Cocoa: Dark, milk, white and flavored cocoas including – mint, caramel, marshmallow, light calorie.

Cider: Several different apple based flavors such as apple peach & apple pomegranate.

Cappuccino: Several different cappuccino style drinks like caramel macchiato, cinnamon latte, and mochaccino


Private label: Two Rivers Coffee now makes it possible for retailers to tap into the expanding single serve coffee, tea, and cocoa market with their private label brands. We take your brand seriously and we understand that one of the most important qualities in coffee is flavor consistency. We have set up quality control systems to make sure your coffee tastes exactly the same with each and every cup. Two Rivers can capture your brand in single serve cup packaging so you can offer your customers high quality store branded brewed beverages.

Co-Packing: Our roaster program lets regional roasters capitalize on the popularity of single serve cups. We can tailor make an array of roasts and/or custom flavors or we can use and green or roasted beans, teas, or powders provided to us. Through extensive cupping and lab research we can duplicate almost any roast profile. We have the capability to receive roasted or green coffee but since the grind for single serve cups is very specific and to keep the coffee as fresh as possible, we prefer all coffee come to us in whole bean form and nor pre-ground.


Two Rivers can offer design services to capture your brand in single serve cup packaging so you can offer your customers high quality store branded brewed beverages. The Two Rivers creative services and marketing team consists of skilled graphic design and retail packaging experts. As a proven leader with expertise in packaging, design, OEM , and private-label solutions, we always bring a fresh new take to product branding. We will work with your team to create unique, eye catching packaging that stays true to your brand vision and stands out in a crowd.