We scrutinize each of our single serve cups for absolute perfection, making sure every cup is filled precisely with the specified amount of coffee, tea or cocoa. Finally, we hand check every completed cup. If it’s not perfect, it’s not going anywhere. But the real secret is in the cup itself: Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of our patented unique tension-based caged filter system. Our single serve cups have been tested and proven to be better. In fact, an independent test found that our advanced filter system helps the grounds diffuse better throughout, and enhancing the flavor by 15%.

So, when we say our products have more flavor and are more satisfying than than other brands, we can prove it.

Two Rivers Caged Filter System

Unlike other brands, TRC cups feature a caged filter which aids in the brewing process.

The top foil of the cup is punctured and the hot water is flushed through the cup brewing the coffee grounds rapidly. Because of the quickness of this brewing process, the water is pushed straight through the non-TRC cups and the outermost coffee grounds aren’t sufficiently brewed. The TRC cups are less affected by the quick process because the water bounces off the bottom and sides of the caged filter and the full measure of the coffee grounds in the cup are brewed.

The TRC caged filter causes “turbulation” within the grounds and the coffee is better diffused providing greater extraction. It was shown in independent laboratory tests that the TRC cups produce 15% more flavor per brew over leading brands.